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New theme! Here it is, as I promised to a couple people who asked me if I would post my current theme. I’m quite proud of it, to be honest. I like the minimalistic, clean look, it’s easy on the eyes. Enjoy :)


theme number four

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So, here it is! I told you that this wasn’t going to be customizable at all, but me being me, I ended up adding options to change every colour in the theme. Still, the code is really messy, so I really don’t recommend changing anything besides the sidebar image (300x400px by the way) and the colours. I won’t be answering questions about this that are not about errors. This means that if you want to turn the whole theme upside down, I’m sorry but I can’t help you. Enjoy!


theme number three

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Since everyone is stealing it anyway, I might as well give it away.
Meanwhile, I created this blog just for my themes and questions related to them. This means I won’t answer messages about my themes sent to duckponds. You have been warned.

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SO! Another theme for you (and eventually for me too because I kinda loved it). I have to say I’m immensely happy with this one. I tried to make it even more customizable than the other one, so you can change pretty much the colors of everything, the font and size of a few and all that jazz. There are probably a few things I missed tho, so feel free to tell me if you find something wrong or that doesn’t work. I really hope you like it!

In other news, I turned off anonymous, and don’t get me wrong, besides a few exceptions all the anons have been pretty amazing to me, I’m just doing it because it’s way more practical, per example, the last time I posted a theme I got lots of questions about it and as much as I love answering me I hate to spam my blog with questions, idk, I’m an organization freak. And especially now with the Answer Privately option that makes everything easier. I hope that those of you who are too shy to show yourselves don’t stop coming to my askbox because I love having you here and it’s not like I bite or something! <3

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