He always leaves you, doesn’t he?

Inicially, this was actually just a pretty graphic about the times the Doctor left Amy, however I ended up deciding to talk about something that I’ve been meaning to talk about for a while now, actually, since The Curse of the Black Spot and the ~Rory dies every episode~ comments that started appearing on my dash right after it, and how no one even talks about about Amy on those scenes. Because the Doctor leaves here and both him and Rory die, and yet in the end, it’s Amy who suffers the most.
After the events in The Big Bang, Amy got her parents back so some of her ~abandonement issues~ were gone, but not all of them, because even after the universe has been rebooted, she still waited all night in her garden for her raggedy Doctor, she still waited twelve years for him and she still watched as he came back just so he could leave her again. And as that wasn’t already enough, she saw Rory, the one that has always been her constant, always there for her, die multiple times. And she also saw the Doctor die, when she thought he wouldn’t leave her again. And every time she thought one of them, or both, were dead, she feels like they just left her alone again and you can see in her face (due to Karen Gillan’s flawless acting that doesn’t get nearly enough recognition) that every time that happens she goes back to 7-year-old Amelia waiting for the Doctor all night. So basically, what I am trying to say is that while I do feel sad every time Rory (and occasionally the Doctor) dies, it’s always Amy Pond that really gets to me and basically makes me cry my heart out because those are the two most important people in her life, and she keeps losing them, one way or another, over and over again, she’s always the one who’s left behind.
And aaah, I’m not going anywhere with this am I? I keep saying this but I really hate how I suck with words and how I’m always amazed by how articulate basically everyone I follow is, but I kinda just wanted to talk a bit about this wonderfully complex character that is Amy Pond and how much I love her and actually end up caring more about her life than I do with mine.

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