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“It is the sea that comes.”
“The sea?”
“I dreamed that the sea was lapping all around Winterfell. I saw black waves crashing against the gates and towers, and then the salt water came flowing over the walls and filled the castle. Drowned men were floating in the yard.”

Bran V: A Clash of Kings / A Song of Ice and Fire


30 Days of ASOIAF   |   Day No. 5: Favorite House Motto   |   “Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken”

Title: Without You
Artist: Lana Del Rey
Album: Born to Die
Plays: 58691

Without You - Lana Del Rey

Anonymous: why don't you like rory?

Oh, you must be new. 

Ahah, I love the amount of messages I got asking me this question just now. But meh, I wish I could be more eloquent about my dislike for him, because it makes a lot of sense in my head and when I try to put it in words it falls short. But back to the point, my dislike for him is not nearly as big now as much as it was while series 6 was airing, now I just don’t care and try my best to ignore him (which includes Tumblr Savior’ing his name) and his stans. Basically, I don’t like the way he treats Amy Pond (still mad about that permission to hug bullshit, negl) and in some occasions, even Eleven, but what I really hate is the way fandom treats Rory, and by that I mean the way it glorifies him which often comes along with Amy bashing. Hopefully that makes sense.

“…or I will kill you.”

Anonymous: why?

Why what?

I’ M  N O T  A  S O L D I E R  | a sansa stark fanmix

sparrow and the wolf, james vincent mcmorrow (in king’s landing) still i have seen no joy, only dangers, i see no joy, only strangers, i see no joy, see no joy in this world, should you choose to go, please remember what you have learned, from the little bird, always dear, always dear to my heart 

all the things i’ve done, the killers (the lone wolf) i am so much older than i can take, and my affection, well it comes and goes, | i’ve got soul but i’m not a soldier | over and again, last call for sin, while everyone’s lost, the battle is won 

all the wine, the national (sansa’s wedding) i carry the dollhouse, safe on my shoulders | god is on my side, ‘cause I’m the child bride 

pa pa power, dead man’s bones (the boy king is dead) please make me better, broken glass, broken hearts, pa pa power, pa pa power

goodnight moon, shivaree (alayne in the eyrie) i always sleep with my guns when you’re gone | when i’m all alone, the dreaming stops and i just count sand | well goodnight moon, i want the sun, if it’s not here soon, i might be done

the beast, laura marling (playing the game) i suggest that you be grateful, there’s no blood on my hands, and assume yourself weaker, the fall of man 

just like honey, the jesus and mary chain (queen you shall be) listen to the girl, as she takes on half the world, moving up and so alive

I must be their strength. I must show no fear, no weakness, no doubt. 

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